Talkin’ Tunes 12/22/2017

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Is it weird to listen to Christmas music after December 25th? I’m always very down to listen to it for at least a few days after. There’s still snow on the ground, I still have a Christmas Tree, I’m still on break, I now have got all my presents and saw my family so I’m in full Christmas spirit. I’m not just going to stop short because the actual day is over. But for all you people who need to halt all Christmas related activities and paraphernalia the DAY OF, here’s some songs to listen to.

5. “Sea Sick” -Gucci Mane.

Gucci released a new mixtape (maybe?) today called “El Gato The Human Glacier” and the album cover is an iceberg with his and a cat’s face carved into it…I can’t figure him out at all. I know Gucci is a THUG but every time he releases a new song or I see news about him he just looks like a complete goofball. If you like Gucci’s stuff you’ll like this album because it’s nothing new. This beat is kinda cool and Gucci has a different sort of flow but it’s one of the few that stand out as anything on this album.


4. “Again (Alan Walker Remix)” -Noah Cyrus (feat. XXXtentacion).

I don’t know the original of this song but I’m liking this remix. Very cool old school sounding EDM with some deep bass underneath it. Fun drop that I’d expect to hear at a house party (New Years Eve possibly?). Not sure where XXX comes in on this song because I didn’t hear it at all but whatever. Good song and fun one at that. Wouldn’t be surprised to hear this on the radio, could have a similar run to “I Took A Pill In Ibiza”.

3. “Modern Slavery” -Quavo & Travis Scott.

These two trap gods finally released their joint project “Huncho Jack” that they’ve been teasing for a while now. I think a lot of people got their expectations high and are trying to justify them by saying it’s heat but my expectations were very moderate, and they were met. I was expecting dark trap beats, braggadocios lyrics, and a crap ton of auto-tune: and I was right. Overall this project is really fun. Great stuff to bump at a pre-game or on your headphones while doing other stuff or in the car rolling through town, but there’s nothing that makes it stand out that much. It’s difficult to tell the tracks apart despite all starting out with cool samples, they ruin it by adding crazy drums and the same flows they always provide.  This song I think is the best produced and executed on the album. and I really like it. All I’m saying is this is a good album but all those new wave trap hype boys need to calm down about this.

2. “Perfect Places” -First Aid Kit.

I loved this song from Lorde originally but this country cover by First Aid Kit is honestly great. It works so perfectly. I love the lyrics of this song and I think how well it was written shows it can work in this form but also in an EDM form (check out this remix). I was so pleasantly surprised by this and hope you are too.



1. “Bartier Cardi” -Cardi B (feat. 21 Savage).

I want to dislike Cardi because she’s part of that trap sound I’m really just not a huge fan of and everyone LOSES THEIR MIND about everything she does on social media…but damn something about her rapping is so dope. She is ANGRY in every song and says everything in such a scary flow that it is DOPE. Get 21 in there for a verse and you’ve got yourself a song you’re going to want to roll around town to BUMPING with one hand on the steering wheel while wearing some dark shades. This song has some funny lines (of course) and is just an all around good time.


The reviews for the Last Jedi are in and they are extremely divisive. I think a lot of the negativity came from people who were just over analyzing it and looking for reasons to hate it, but you can read more about that here. There are too many Jebediah Atkinson’s out there diving deep for reason to hate great things, like every Christmas movie ever made.



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