Talkin’ Tunes 7/10/19: New Song from Lion King, The USWNT Had The Best Post-Game Playlist of All Time, Imagine Dragons Isn’t Bad and More

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Welp, the 2019 Lion King has a brand new Beyonce song, A$AP Rocky is in a Swedish Prison, the World Cup Champions have fire skills on the field and on the aux, and Imagine Dragons should not be compared to Nickelback because they’re both bad, but rather, because they both had great music early on. There’s all of this and more in this jam-packed edition of TT I just cranked out whilst sweating bullets and getting eaten alive by mosquitos in my backyard. This post is sponsored by the watery caramel iced coffee from Dunkin I was drinking along with the ranch flavored sunflower seeds I got from the dollar store that I was spitting into a ziploc bag because I ran out of paper cups. Enjoy.

What’s Good

Goodbyes -Post Malone

Post Malone and Young Thug…can’t really go too wrong here. Like most of Post Malone’s stuff, I enjoyed this! No complaints. Catchy beat, fun chorus, a great verse from Young Thug: what’s not to like? I wasn’t blown away necessarily but my expectations were pretty high and they were met. Hoping this single means a new project soon from Posty.

Summertime In Paris -Jaden Smith

I have been DOMINATING this song this week. Not to sound like an instagram influencer who OD’d on Fit Tummy Tea and can’t think of a caption for their picture because they’re brain dead, but this is definitely “good vibes all around”. The lyric video captures the essence of the song well, you just wanna bump this in a convertible at sunset whilst gazing at some palm trees. The song is a romantic jam sesh… which is why it’s odd Jaden’s sister Willow is featured. I mean, the chemistry is crazy on the song, they seem very close…it’s not “Jamie/Cersei Lannister” obvious but the seven kingdoms would’ve been murmuring about these two for sure.

I would like to make it clear that Jaden’s new album ERYS is not under this category…just this song, which is unfortunate. I’ve been a fan of Jaden’s music since he was spitting over soundcloud beats at 15. I mean, listen to “Beast Mode” and tell me you wouldn’t think this kid would be the overlord of rap in the next 10 years.

HE’S LEGIT 15. He is going OFF. FOR ALMOST 9 MINUTES. The kid is gifted so I don’t get why on his new album he decides to just copy Travis Scott but do it in a worse way. Almost all the songs on the album are just generic trap beats with heavy editing on his voice and it’s just nothing special or innovative. Which is so counterintuitive to his brand because he’s a super innovative dude! He’s got a boxed water company that’s completely biodegradable, he even launched his food truck “I Love You” that gives out free vegan food to homeless people this week, but the guy’s music just didn’t do it for me. I was disappointed because I know the dude has an awesome flow and can rhyme better than most over a smooth beat but he just wastes it trying to be this crazy trap god. I mean, look at the guy.

Screen Shot 2019-07-10 at 6.51.16 PM.png

He looks like a piece of 6ix9ines armpit hair came to life. I wanted this to mean he was gonna do some crazy experimental stuff on this new album and really create something entirely new but sadly I really didn’t like too much other than the song I mentioned above. Maybe one day we’ll get 15 year-old Jaden’s sweet sweet flow back into our lives.

Revenge of the Dreamers -Dreamville (and like 30 other features)

Screen Shot 2019-07-10 at 6.54.18 PM.png

I’m not one of these “J. Cole went platinum with no features” stans, I think Cole has definitely had some very corny songs, but I just gotta say this project is SCORCHING. It is absolute HEAT. ALL THE WAY THROUGH. This bitch was cooked well-done folks they straight up flamed the whole album. It is extremely rare (not the “cooking rare”, that analogy’s done now) that I find an entire project without one dud but I truly think they did it here. J.Cole has been teasing this for a very long time since his mysterious invitations for the collaborative recording sessions were released earlier this year and the anticipation for the record certainly paid off. Not to mention, the 10 days it took to record this thing seemed like a 10 day festival of some of the most talented people in hip-hop coming together, getting absolutely ON ONE and making unreal music. If you want to see what I’m talking about I highly recommend watching the quick documentary on the making of the album.

The album kicks off with “Under the Sun”, which is a great mix of old school soul samples but with a little trap vibe underlying it. It’s got all-star verses from Cole and DaBaby along with a very quick little 2-bar shoutout from Kendrick Lamar. This is a perfect intro into what is just a wild crockpot of different rap styles and artists coming together to create some of the best songs of the year. Period. With hard singles like “Down Bad” and “LamboTruck”, you knew it was gonna go hard, but the song “Wells Fargo” goes ILLEGALLY HARD.

I’ve listened to this song at 8am every day going to work and it makes me want to come in, shotgun a Four Loko and take an aluminum baseball bat to every monitor in the damn building. These dudes all screaming about robbing a Wells Fargo and smoking blunts is just ENERGY. There’s so much of this side on the album that I love, it’s got the Travis Scott-esque hype-side of rap, but they also slow it down and deliver some real smooth cool songs too. Songs like “Sleep Deprived” and “Self Love” have much more R&B production with some great verses and lyrics. They also take this style and have a little more fun with it on one of my favorite songs on the album “Ladies, Ladies, Ladies” from JID and T.I.

I mean, JID won this album if you ask me. He and Bas (both actual Dreamville artists) really showed up on popped off (and Bas also popped in…a tab of acid. Apparently he was tripping sack while writing his verse on Self Love, which is hilarious). They really came out and dropped bars along with other newcomers like Buddy, Lute, DaBaby, and so many more.

Altogether, this is really solidifying J. Cole as a legend in the game. Yes he’s had some great solo albums, a few of which I think will go down as classics, but in order to really reach that next level in the rap game I think you have to show leadership. People compared the energy of these sessions to Kanye’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, which was probably when people really started including Kanye in the GOAT conversation. Jay-Z has helped a ton of young people prosper, including Cole himself, and that’s why so many people in the culture respect the guy. So now Cole, bringing in a huge group of some of the most talented people in the game to come in and create a cohesive piece of work without any duds is a huge feat. Arguably one of the best collab albums in the past few years. I love the music and the story behind it with this project and really looking forward to hearing the HUNDREDS of tracks that were cut from the album.

There’s New Music From the Lion King…annnnnnd now I’m More Hype Than Ever

That’s right fam, Yonce dropped a new track from the 2019 Lion King soundtrack and of course I’m in. Not only does this song still fit the tone of the original music, but Beyonce’s voice is as glorious as ever. I had heard there was going to be new music, and I feel like that could totally mess with the movie. For me, the reason I’ve been excited for this move is because of the music. All signs are basically pointing to this being an almost shot for shot remake of the original. I mean look at this side by side.

So yeah, the story wasn’t really intriguing me. But the cast is insane. Billy Eichner and Seth Rogen as Timon and Puumba sounds great. You got Keegan Michael Key and Eric Andre as hyenas. And then in the two big roles, you have Beyonce and Donald Glover, who both have gorgeous pipes. So hearing them do “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” of course entices me, but all brand new tracks? BUTTER ME UP. I’m gonna be first in line in the theater. We haven’t had a new Gambino song since last summer for god’s sake. I mean, if the new Lion King was just a new 3 minute Gambino I’d be paying $16 to see it in IMAX. So pumped for this movie and big fan of the first taste of new original music.

A$AP Rocky is In Deep Sh*t in Sweden…Literally.

Screen Shot 2019-07-10 at 7.17.43 PM.png

Apparently Rocky (who’s detained in Sweden for assaulting some aggressive dudes), is sleeping on a yoga mat in his detention center and his roommate keeps tossing poop around the room (source). Sweden denies these claims but I don’t trust those blonde bastards. If you told me Sweden was the biggest threat to American freedom a few weeks ago I’d laugh in your face but here we are…locking up American’s sweetheart up and over our own Independence Day…salt in the wound Swedes. Sign the petition to get my mans out of prison here.

The U.S. Had A FIRE Celebration Playlist for Their World Cup Champions Post-Game Party

I NEED TO KNOW WHO WAS ON AUX FOR THIS BANGER. What songs did the women’s world cup team play at the after party?

Here’s the list of songs that we know were played at the USWNT world cup after party

  • “It’s Going Down” -Young Joc
  • “Get Low” -Lil’ Jon & The East Side Boyz
  • “Fight Night” -Migos
  • “I’m The One” -DJ Khaled, Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the Rapper & Lil Wayne
  • “Gold Digger” -Kanye West
  • “Ignition” -R. Kelly (we give them a pass for this one, when you’re holding the world cup and you’ve drank an entire bottle of champagne it might slip your mind known pedophile R. Kelly sings this gem.)

I mean this is just the songs WE KNOW were played from the videos and instagrams. I can’t even imagine what other gems were on this playlist. I want to think it’s Ashyln Harris on the aux, because she was just giving off “I am DJing the crap out of this banger” vibes, but that can easily be mistaken with “we just became the best soccer team in the world” vibes. The team has been absolutely in their BAG since they won, straight partying like fiends leading up to todays champagne-filled parade in NYC, and I love every second of it. Yuge congrats on murdering that playlist team (oh yeah, and winning the World Cup, that too).

Imagine Dragons, Like Nickelback…Not That Bad.

If you’ve been on twitter the past few months you’ve probably seen a similar meme to this one on your timeline.

Screen Shot 2019-07-10 at 7.40.52 PM.png

“Oh, LOL, these bands are bad cuz everyone says so I can’t think for myself so I’m gonna giggle and share this with my other normie friends” SHUT UP.

I’ve made this take before, Nickelback doesn’t deserve the jokes they get. Sure, songs like “Rockstar” and “If Today Was Your Last Day” are hot steaming piles of horse feces, no one’s arguing that. But their early stuff? Are you kidding me?  “Saving Me”? “Photograph”? “How You Remind Me?” ALL FLAMES. They are good songs! That’s why they’re popular and everyone knows them! And now they’re getting compared to Imagine Dragons because they’re both “bad”? No. Not on my watch.

Imagine Dragons only got a bad rep because of their recent “hits” (like what happened to Nickelback). Mainly, “Thunder” did them dirty. I think they caught some shade from they’re songs being all the same and a little too grungey but “Thunder” was really the dump truck full of manure that buried their grave. The song is bad. But if you’re telling me Imagine Dragons first album wasn’t sick, you’re just stupid. Let me refresh your memory.

A BALLAD. The clapping? The passion behind his voice? This song freaking RULES so hard. It was so original when it came out and completely earned the hit song status it acquired.

This video has a billion views. A BILLY. WITH A B. That’s called INFLUENCE you imbeciles. This song goes HARD to this day. Combining electronic elements perfectly with their alternative rock sound. GTFOH if you don’t think this song isn’t a heater.

I mean, it might be annoying now after hearing it in a ton of commercials and movies but if this isn’t the definition of a feel good slapper I don’t know what is. So great. And they get no respect for it.

That brings us to the Question of the Week: Who’s Better? Nickelback or Imagine Dragons?

And on top of that: What Nickelback or Imagine Dragons Songs Do You Like?

Let me know all your thoughts on these questions and the post as a whole on the internet please. Love knowing that more people than just russian bots are reading these things.

See ya next week.

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