Talkin’ Tunes 12/15/17

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Last week I talked about how finals really don’t make any sense, and now, having survived finals week, I can definitively say that I was right. They do suck. They make no sense. I had my hardest one on Monday. MONDAY. It’s hard enough to get out of bed on any given Monday but making me study for a “marketing research” exam??? Torture. So I bombed that, which destroyed any will power I had for finals, and then had to take 3 more. The best feeling in the world though is submitting that last paper or getting out of that last exam and knowing you have no responsibilities for like a month, amazing. So whether you’re still in finals mode or you’re out of the woods like me, here’s some music to either drown in or celebrate to.


Ok, to be honest, I have no idea what BROCKHAMPTON is. I’ve heard a lot about them in the past months but never bothered to check them out. Apparently it’s like 15 dudes all hopping in on songs and doing stuff and they make different styles of music and videos and stuff. Idk. I’m gonna have to do more research but for now their new album “Saturation III” is out and this song is pretty fire on it. I like the trippy beat, the chorus, the verses, etc. Haven’t listened to the rest of the album that much but this song is gonna drag me in for sure.

4. “American Dream” -Jeezy (feat. J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar)

This song had hype everywhere. Every HotNewHipHop, Worldstar-type account was posting about this. And rightfully so. Fans have been waiting for more Cole and Kendrick Collabs since Black Friday happened on soundcloud. I also think this may be the reason why I was kind of let down by the song. The beat wasn’t anything special, I don’t think Jeezy added much to the song, Cole rapped like he always does and Kendrick only really spit for like 20 seconds. That doesn’t make it a bad song at all, I just think people are hoping for the best rap song of the year here and they just aren’t going to get it.

3. “What If I Go? (Nighttime Version” -Mura Masa feat. Bonzai

I LOVE the original version of this song. Absolute banger that was in constant rotation I think like 2 summers ago for me. Then this comes out and I fall in love again. It’s a calmed down version of the original giving it an almost acoustic vibe but so nice and smooth. I love it when artists do stuff like this. Taking a fun banger and reworking it to be a soft beautiful version that keeps all the stuff you loved from the OG. Great.



2. “Don’t Do It!” -N.E.R.D. and Kendrick Lamar

I think when people first hear this song they will think it’s super weird. I think that’s because it has Kendrick in it and most people are expecting it to be like any other Kendrick collab. But NERD is super weird. People forget. That being said, these groovy guitar riffs, Pharell’s quick odd vocals, and the fast paced cymbals going off in the back: I’m in. I like it. Kendrick comes in for a verse almost mimicking Pharell with his flow and emphasizing the sort of weird voice he did a lot on TPAB. Overall I don’t see this being the massive global hit I think people want it to be, but I definitely enjoy it.





1. “The Weekend (Funk Wav Remix) -SZA & Calvin Harris.

Let’s. Freaking. Go. Two of my favorite artists in the game right now coming together to make a groovy, R&B funky jam. I love the original version of this song, but add Calvin Harris’ niche sound he perfected on his album this year and you’ve got an unreal song. You can’t help dancing a little bit to this song. I just wanna roller blade to this bad boy in a room full of flashing lights and disco balls.


I’m sure everyone wants me to roast G-Eazy’s new album “The Beautiful & Damned” (nice serious album title Gerald) or Eminem’s new album “Revival” (because that sounds like something deep with a bigger meaning) but to be honest it would be too easy. Their trash and I’ve been talking about them wayyyyy to much. New year, new me, I ain’t wasting my time hating (besides the low-key hating I just did).

You know what I don’t hate though? STAAAAAR WAAAAARSSS!!!! The Last Jedi came out today and I am BEYOND excited to see it because I’m a nerd and I watched all 7 movies, all 3 Family Guy parodies, and about 4 hours of Youtube theories on Snoke and Rey’s origins in the past 7 days which was FINALS WEEK. I’m invested. I’m seeing it on Sunday though because my friends I want to see it with have exams. That being said, I won’t be able to use the internet or speak to human beings in general in order to avoid any sort of spoilers. SO here’s some Last Jedi Spoiler Free Star Wars clips to enjoy. (AND BONUS BONUS read for something hysterical)





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