Talkin’ Tunes 12/8/17

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Finals. You know how December is a magical time to spend with family during the Holidays? Get close and feel compassion? Watch a bunch of great movies and listen to great Christmas Carols? Welp, let’s destroy ALL OF THAT by testing EVERYTHING you’ve collectively learned this semester over the course of two weeks! Not only will we have huge 2 hour exams for every class you take, but ya know what? Let’s get some presentations and projects due too! Makes zero sense. By the time I’m out of school I have like 8 days to get in the Christmas spirit. I’ve got 3 TV’s going with Elf, the Santa Clause and Christmas Vacation all going at once whilst listening to Michael Buble’s Christmas album on repeat while ALSO butt funneling hot cocoa. It’s exhausting, but you gotta do what you gotta do. If you need some good study jams to get you through this hellish week, look no further. Here’s the Top 5 of the week.

“5. Just One More Dance” -TomppaBeats.

I first discovered this guy through vine edits. He makes super lo-fi beats usually adding hip-hop drums to old school jazz songs. It’s simple but something so unique and relaxing. I love listening to this kind of music when I study because there’s little words it’s more just setting a vibe of calmness and chill. This type of music I see getting more popular and I highly suggest tossing on his new album “Arcade” for background music this finals season.


4. “Danger” -Marshmello & Migos.

This is from the upcoming David Ayer film “Bright” coming to Netflix. One of the first movies of his I watched was “End of Watch”, an unbelievable movie with a great soundtrack. Then I saw Suicide Squad…different story as far as the film goes but a dope original soundtrack. From “Standing in the Rain” by Action Bronson, to “Sucker for Pain” by like 5 different rappers, it got expectations high. Now the soundtrack for this movie has heat too but the jury is definitely still out on the movie. This is a great mix of dubstep and rap and classic lines from the Migos. Not much to say other than good song and let’s hope the movie is just as good.

3. “Happy Birthday” -Childish Major (feat. SZA & Isaiah Rashad).

I got excited at this because I saw SZA was on it, but she really doesn’t do much. Despite that, it’s still a very cool song. The beat sounds like something SZA would’ve had on CTRL but his rhyming is like Jeremih if he rapped more than he sung. Very cool chorus and chill vibe all around with this song. Great one to put on while you’re just chilling in the afternoon writing a mediocre blog that nobody reads 🙂

2. “Whatever You On” -London on Da Track (feat. Young Thug, Ty Dolla $ign, Jeremih, and YG).

This track cracks me up because it’s by the producer that everyone knows but has never heard like an “original song” from and then basically the 4 rappers that are always featured on other rappers songs. That being said, all these artists bring heat on this track. Young Thug (probably the biggest on the list) has an unreal verse that reminds me of his stuff on “Good Time” by Jamie XX. Add vocals from Jeremih and Ty Dolla and you’ve got a  banger. This beat is fun, tropical, and has a sick bass. Really hype to be hearing this around.



1. “Go Legend” -Metro Boomin & Big Sean (feat. Travis Scott) (not on youtube but here’s the link for apple music)

I’ve been pretty open about hating stupid mixtapes, especially ones with Metro Boomin. From Nav’s collab with him to the most recent Without Warning, I just don’t really care to hear music that’s mostly throwaway beats with weak lines from rappers I don’t really care about. This is an exception. I’m not sure if it’s Metro’s influence on Sean or his influence on Metro but this is a solid project all the way through. “Big Bidness” with 2 Chainz is a banger, “Reason” with Swae Lee is another, and “Who’s Stopping Me” has a narcos-esque beat and Big Sean murders it himself. This song is the opening track and the beat is absolute flames along with great performances from Sean and Travis and we’ve got a hit. Expect to hear this everywhere over the next few weeks.

The “Uhhh Why is That There?” of the Week.

“Untouchable” -Eminem.

Jesus. This song is the #1 “Hot Song” on Apple Music, meaning it’s trending. After the first thing Eminem said in this song I legit audibly said out loud “oh my god”, not out of amazement of his lyrical genius, but out of me genuinely wondering if he’s trying to purposefully make horrible music. Just to see how far his fans will go. This song is absolutely garbage. Look, I like the meaning. Eminem is discussing all the privileges he’s been given as a white man but especially a white rapper. But it’s so fricken corny. His voice is just absurd and the lines aren’t smart or witty or subtle, he’s just saying things that are true facts basically. His flow is weird, the beat is awful, and the lyrics are coming from a good place but horribly executed. “White boy, white boy”s are the only ones who are still supporting this trash.

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