Talkin’ Tunes 11/13/2017

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If you’re reading this hoping to hear my review of Taylor Swift’s new album “Reputation” stop reading now. The girl released 4 crappy singles and then wanted me to blindly pull trig on a full $14 album? Not a chance. Taylor’s fans are so loyal to her that they’ve defended all of her horrible singles and how does she repay them? By making them have to pay three times the amount of a Spotify membership to get access to her music. She says it’s to “take a stand against streaming companies who are ripping off artists”. Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 12.30.47 PM.png

Really? You’re worth 280 MILLION DOLLARS and you think they’re ripping you off? You’re ripping off your fans, who are probably teenagers spending their money from an after school job or even fricken allowance. In 2 weeks it’s going to be on Apple Music and that’s when I will have a real review for you. But until then I’ll fill my ears with some actual decent music, such as the following:

5. “Royal Highness” -Wiz Khalifa (feat. Casey Veggies)

I’ve been pretty open about not liking Wiz. He literally only raps about weed and you can only rhyme high, weed and smoke so many times. His new mixtape “Laugh Now, Fly Later” dropped this week and it was mostly a disappointment if you ask me. This track however was the opening track and has such a cool old-school beat. It sounded like something out of the early 90’s. It’s a pretty dark simplistic beat but it makes Wiz sound way more legit. Out of a pretty lame project I was glad to see this standout track.

4. “Wanted You” -NAV feat. Lil Uzi Vert

I feel like NAV surprised everyone earlier this year with his music. A member of The Weeknd’s crew he had a very cool sexy sound and now he’s linking up with one of the biggest rappers in the game Lil Uzi. They work so well together going back and forth and it’s impossible to not want to drive around with this song bumping. Expect to hear this coming out of dorm rooms over the next few weeks.

3. “Crisis” -Rich Chigga (feat. 21 Savage).

The Indonesian breakout artist “Rich Chigga” is back with another banger. He started off with “Dat $tick” which was an over exaggerated trap song with a satirical tone that I loved, but since then he’s worked with multiple big name artists, now including 21 Savage. The beat itself isn’t necessarily my favorite, but his flow and 21’s fit it so perfectly I can’t complain. The fact that Chigga himself produced it makes it cooler too. This song really shows his progression from a joke to something more and I’m excited to see what he does in going forward.

2. “If We Were Alone” -Kap Slap.

I have a little bit of bias towards Kap Slap as he performed at PC last year, but this song is dope. When he opened for Rae Sremmurd on campus last year he lit the place up and then proceeded to stay and eat pizza in the crowd: what a guy. He’s most well known for his mash-ups, all of which are impressive and fun, but this is an original that shows he’s got talent. The lyrics are fun and catchy and the drop has a flume-y vibe to it that I love. Really good pregame song and hope this catches fire so he can blow up.



1. “A Change is Gonna Come” -Greta Van Fleet. 

I am absolutely all in on this band. They sound like something straight out of the 70’s rock era it’s absurd. The lead singers vocals are amazing, the guitar riffs are beautiful, the back up singers and piano sound like something out of a southern church. Wow. Just wow. Something totally unique in this day and age and I am excited to see these guys become even bigger. I can see them getting a huge cult following and I’m here for it.

The “Nope I Heard It” of the Week

“Walk On Water” –Beyonce feat. Eminem, Eminem feat. Beyonce.

Let’s be honest, this is a Beyonce song. She steals the show with her vocals and the instrumentals are all something you would expect out of her. It sounds like Eminem just heard her doing the song and was like “I’m just gonna talk over this”. I’m not even knocking his lyrics right now but his flow is so off and when there’s no drums it sounds more like spoken word, which I’d rather not listen to on Apple MUSIC. Because it’s Em and Queen Bey people will lose their minds but when I heard about this collab I was expecting so much more.

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