Talkin’ Tunes 11/3/2017

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I’d like to start off by saying that if this blog is bad,

I’m gay as hell.

(Thanks for the tactic Kevin Spacey)

Top 5 Songs of the Week


5. “Like Gold” -Vance Joy.

This guy is one of the few folk type dudes really out here grinding right now. I feel like this type of music was wicked popular in like 2014/2013 and I couldn’t get enough of it. This dude is the “Riptide” and “Mess is Mine” guy. Both dope songs. This song sounds a lot like Ben Howard’s music and I’m all in for it. Catchy chorus, classic folk vibes, and very different from a lot of the popular stuff you’re hearing today.

4. “Boy” -Willow.

ANOTHER MEMBER OF THE SMITH FAMILY MAKES THE TOP 5 IN THE SAME MONTH. Wild stuff here folks. There is no stopping these guys. Only a matter of time before Jada Pinkett starts throwing heat on soundcloud. Willow released an album on her birthday called “The 1st” and it’s interesting. It has a lot of classical music aspects (with the piano and violin combos) but her vocals and tone bring it into the modern world. This song is so real and describes a high school teenage relationship in such a simple way it’s beautiful. The rest of the album is a little odd but you can tell she has a lot of talent and this song in particular I think will resonate with a lot of people.

3. “One Last Song” -Sam Smith.

(can’t find the song on Youtube but here’s a link to the apple music page)

Can’t say I’ve been the biggest fan of Smith’s new stuff, but this song is dope. I loved his first album and was obviously blown away by his magical pipes, and I feel like these new songs are trying a little too hard. This song, however, has a 50’s style piano sound and Smith’s vocal talent shines in the subtlest of ways. I like the light message of the song and Sammy really just brings it home and delivers a great song with nothing to complain about. Excited for this one to get popular. (Calling it right now, this will be a big audition song on The Voice and American Idol and stuff)

2. “Michuul.” -DUCKWRTH

I’ve been following this dude on SoundCloud for a little bit and he’s got a new mixtape on Apple Music today. It’s a wild mix of genres. Songs like “Wake Up” and “Xtra” have 90’s grunge music vibes and I’m all in for rappers going in over rock n roll. Then songs like this one and Tamagotchi remind me of someone like Amine. Really cool artist and someone to look out for. Highly suggest listening to An XTRA UUGLY Mixtape.

1. “Santa’s Coming For Us” -Sia

Welp, Halloween is over so it’s officially the Christmas season! Sorry Thanksgiving ur irrelevant! Time to butt chug Hot Cocoa and start wearing fuzzy green sweaters even though it’s 60 degrees out! (Alright, that’s enough) People calm down about Christmas. Thanksgiving is honestly equal to Christmas if not better. But this song. I mean. It’s so dope. So catchy and fun. I think Sia’s got a banger on her hands for the Christmas Season and I’m ready to get in this spirit baby. I will allow this song to be played before Thanksgiving but before that, let’s hold off on all other Christmas related music. Deal? Cool.

“No, I Heard It” of The Week

“Lemon” -NERD and Rihanna.

This segment is where I talk about a song I think people would expect me to put on the list, but I just wasn’t feeling it. This song just didn’t do it for me. The beat was all twerky and stuff and Pharell’s musical genius wasn’t shining at all. When I hear NERD I want the more musical, rock-rap Pharell, not the “I produced songs for Jay-Z’s Sprint album in 2012” Pharell. Maybe I’ll come around to it after a few times and just take it for the fun song it is but as of now, nope.


Suck an Egg of The Week

“Call It What You Want” -Taylor Swift

I was legitimately crying laughing when I heard this this morning. Knowing that Tay Tay put out another dud of a song brought me absolute euphoria. All of her songs sounding the same and having the same dumb beats and lyrics is amazing. I want her to flop harder than Katy Perry so they both realize nobody cares about them or their feud. What a freaking loser. Listen to this song and enjoy the laughs.


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