Talkin’ Tunes 10/31/17 (Halloween)

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Thank the good LORD that Halloween will be over tomorrow. I never liked Halloween. I always just saw it as the kickoff for Christmas. Thanksgiving’s halftime, etc. Then I get to college and find out I gotta have 4 costumes and get embarrassingly drunk every night? You go from binge eating candy to binge drinking beers, but either way you feel awful the next day. It’s exhausting. For some reason though, artists use it as an excuse to drop new music on a Tuesday, let’s check some of that out.

5. “Ric Flair Drip” -Offset & Metro Boomin. 

I just want to start off by saying that trap music is fun, but there is way too much of it. Offset (of Migos), 21 Savage, and Metro Boomin’ all collabed for “Without Warning”, a new 10 song album. Unfortunately, this album has the same problems I saw with “Super Slimey”, the Young Thug and Future effort. It really just doesn’t seem like any of these artists put time into making the best music they can. It’s fun background music and this song in particular has a more interesting beat but overall I wouldn’t say it’s anything that special. This album, along with Super Slimey, will be forgotten in a few weeks.

4. “Dat Side” -Cyhi The Prynce (feat. Kanye West)

Cyhi has been a formative part of Kanye West’s career since My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, but he’s never had his own time to shine. He wrote a lot of lyrics with Kanye and had a few verses over the years with him. It’s no shock to see him working with Kanye on this single then, but it is a shock to hear from Kanye who has been relatively quiet as far as features and new music goes. This beat is a little too trap for what I usually like to hear Cyhi and Kanye type rappers on but with a solid Kanye verse and a decent beat it had to be on the list.

3. “Never Let You Go” -Kygo (feat. John Newman)

Kygo has been dropping several singles off what I assume will be an upcoming album. This song, in my opinion, is one of the bests so far. The beat is a positive and has a more fun, smooth drop that you’d expect from Kygo. With vocals from John Newman, an EDM feature legend, this track was bound to be pretty damn good.


2. “Por Favor” -Pitbull and Fifth Harmony. 

Hell. Yes. For those of you who don’t know, I was originally a huge Pitbull hater, then somewhere along the way I came to appreciate how fun and harmless the guy was and how much all of his songs are BANGERS. This guy just loves to have fun. Bring on the young fun of Fifth Harmony and bang you’ve got a jam. The production on this song is like a Bieber track with some latin flair (like Despacito. Ever heard of it?) This song is just fun and catchy and will hopefully make your Halloween a little less scary.

1. “MotorSport” -Migos, Nicki Minaj, and Cardi B.

Lots of trap on the top songs list today, I apologize, but this is the best of the trap this week for sure. Migos has figured out how to make the best of a trap song and then tossing on two unreal female rappers: the legend Ms. Minaj and the hottest up and comer Cardi B? Gahdamn. This song is fun as hell. Great song to toss on while you drive with one hand on the steering wheel and shades on. Riding around like you run these streets (even if those streets are the suburbs of Massachusetts that have beautiful foliage this time of year).


Halloween music SUCKS. Thriller is a sick song, I play that year round. But when it comes on 12 times in one night…no thanks. Then if you wanna get Thriller out of rotation, what do you do? Toss on the Monster Mash! This song is absurd and it’s not catchy and it’s not fun and it doesn’t get people excited or anything. Just because it’s about a bunch of Monsters having a cocktail party doesn’t mean they should play it at a college kids house party. The Monster Mash is the Dominic the Donkey of Halloween music but because there’s only like 4 Halloween songs they let it slide. Disgusting. Here’s a song with Monster in the title that is about 10000x better.

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