Talkin’ Tunes 10/8/17

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Happy Columbus Day everyone. Best holiday of the year. When you know Christopher Columbus is going to ride his magic ship into your backyard and toss Polio down your chimney, how can children fall asleep on Columbus Eve? Well, I got my fair share of diseases this morning (guess I was a good boy), hope we can all celebrate with some music.

5. “Get Lit” -Will Smith.

Big Willie is back!!! Look, I love Will Smith. Guys a great actor, a good musician and just a good dude all around. Here’s my thing though, the reason I love songs like Miami and Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It is because of their goofiness. He’s not a hard rapper and the beats are fun he’s just having a good time…this is different. If I didn’t know it was Will Smith I think I’d like it more but WOW this beat is hardcore dubstep and Smith is 49! I don’t hate it but I would’ve loved to see him do something a little more light.

4. “Pray” -Sam Smith.

So Sam Smith is back with new music after a LONG hiatus. The first song “Too Good at Goodbyes” I liked, but wasn’t blown away like I was with his first album and this song is similar. It’s clearly good because it’s Sam Smith but it’s nothing wild.

3. “Blue Pill” -Metro Boomin (feat. Travis Scott)

This song is exactly what you’d expect it to be and I’m not mad about it. Boomin is back making is evil trap beats and travis is back yelling “it’s lit” and “straight up” a bunch and it BANGS. A Metro and Travis song is just meant to be listened to while on big bass speakers on full blast with a drink in your hand. Have fun trappin’ to this one.

2. “Uno Dos” -?Teo? (feat. Jaden Smith)

I’ve said it once and I will say it again: Jaden Smith will be the greatest rapper of the millennial generation. He’s been spitting heat since he was fifteen. He’s got an eye for experimental beats that work and his flows and rhymes are unreal. This song is by a dude from his collective and the cool latin guitar beat with some drums in the back make for a very cool relaxing song. (P.S. first time a father and son have appeared on the Top 5 of Talkin’ Tunes during the same week. Congratulations Smith family.)

1. “Ex” -Ty Dolla $ign (feat. YG)

Alright, I’ve been losing it over every Ty Dolla song to come out but cmon they’re all dope. This song has a sweet beat with a huge groove to it and between his pipes and even YG coming in with a fun verse this song is dope. Definitely a feel good song you can play to start your night off this fine Columbus Day Weekend.

DO NOT LISTEN of the Week

Anything off of Jacob Sartorious’ EP “Left Me Hanging”. This kid sucks. Just wants to be famous so bad and I want nothing more than to deny him the pleasure. Expose his awfulness.


I figure if Will and Jaden were going to be on this post we might as well toss Willow in the ring. This song was a banger I feel didn’t get enough attention when it first came out so enjoy.


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