Talkin’ Tunes 10/2/17

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Ha ha it’s October 3rd everyone!1!1! Mean Girls!!!! Cuz the girl says it in that movie 🙂 Im literally DEAD SCREAMING HOLLERING over this quote! I can’t believe she told the guy what day it was! Comedy baby!!!!!

F Mean Girls.

Here’s the top 5 to listen to-

5. Thriller (Steve Aoki Midnight Hour Remix) -Michael Jackson

I’m not usually one for taking an already great song and adding a remix to it. The remixes I like are usually to songs that could use a slight improvement. This song is just perfect for a dark off campus basement halloween weekend though. Doesn’t change up the song a crazy amount and (let’s face it) at this point anything we can do to make Michael Jackson’s work a little less…Michael Jackson-y is a good idea. Used to be total team “That’s just a running joke off rumors he didn’t actually do anything”, and then they found that more-than-spooky stuff at the Neverland Ranch and…yup. Confirmed. Judge a book by it’s a cover.

4. Lonely -Demi Lovato (feat. Lil Wayne)

Wow…did NOT know Demi had this in her. When she was on Disney channel she was my GIRL. Not sure what it was but I had it bad for Demi and I’m talking pre-getting that gap between her teeth fixed. Her music POPPED OFF. She was clearly not a “cute girl who we’ll make sing because it’s Disney and we gotta milk this tweens” it was a “holy crap this girl is a MUSICIAN”. La La Land? Get Back? This girl was a freaking ROCK STAR. Then she had that whole rehab thing and then came back with a bunch of motivational songs that were all cheesy but THIS! It’s sexy, not made for radio, still here her dope pipes, and a cool unique sound like something Drake would hop on. Good for her (PS her new album is kinda sick also. Not ashamed to say it.)


3. Where Ideas Sing -Saba (feat. Daoud)


Saba has low key been on my radar for a while. He’s made multiple features on Chance the Rapper projects and is boys with Vic Mensa, Joey Purp, Noname and the rest of that cool Chicago gang. The beats he raps over are always a futuristic mellow and his voice is smooth and unique. I really think he’s someone to watch and this song shows why. Really cool sound, great lyrics and flow and just an all around great song to play while doing work or walking around campus.




2. Damage -PartyNextDoor & Halsey

This song is HOT. PND showing a lot more energy than on his normal songs and Halsey (who usually kinda annoys me) compliments his voice and the sort of 80’s vibe this song brings. Think there’s going to be some cool remixes to this but for now this song is just really good. Not really sure what else there is to say but I have just really been enjoying this song since Friday.

1. Inspired -Miley Cyrus

Tears. Miley, we missed you. This is the realest thing I think we’ve ever seen as to who the real Miley Cyrus is. Obviously on Disney she made generic pop songs (for the most part), and then she had her crazy phrase where she was just doing stuff to shock us, but this album is honestly so freaking good. It’s like Kacey Musgraves (one of my favorite artists) if she went a little mainstream. You can hear how good her actual singing voice is, you hear the passion, she’s singing about memories and honest stuff from her life. Other standouts on the album for me are Rainbowland, She’s Not Him, and Bad Mood. Very cool album and something completely different from a lot of music out right now.


Check out this video of Miley and ADAM FREAKIN SANDLER singing an amazing tribute to the victims of the Las Vegas Massacre. Between Sandler’s new serious movie coming out and seeing him sing/harmonize beautifully I think we may be seeing him hit a new stride of excellence.

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