Talkin’ Tunes 9/22/17

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Well, it’s been a while.

This type of post is the first thing I ever really wrote and shared with the public. I did it for almost two years and it evolved from just the 5 best new songs of the week to me posting playlists, funny videos, and commenting on that week’s news. In a way this site is just another form of the original Talkin’ Tunes. I want to still do the best songs of the week (as you’ll see below) but also any other thoughts I have on the music of the week I’ll share. Feels good to be back doing this and I hope those 3 or 4 loyal fans of the original’s are as pumped as I am. That being said, here’s what to listen to this week,


5. “Stargazing”– Kygo.

Kygo is kinda back? I guess? Look, this song certainly isn’t bad, but it’s not great. Kygo used to have tropical heat. His remixes of Sexual Healing and Ed Sheeran’s “I See Fire” were sick, but then his first actual album came out and it was all just meh. The drops were all similar and the lyrics didn’t really mean anything. Obviously, It Ain’t Me was flames (but with Selena on the track how could it not be?), but this song doesn’t follow it as good as I’d like. Still though, this is a fun song to listen to and good for chilling with buddies or doing homework, definitely not party banger material though.

4. “The Man” -The Killers.

I’m a big Killers hits guy. Is that saying a lot? No. But all of their hits are flames. “All These Things I’ve Done”, “When You Were Young”, Mr. Freaking Brightside?! Possibly top 5 songs all time??? SO good. So now they’re releasing new music and of course it isn’t as good as the old stuff but this one off their new album is definitely something I’d listen to. A little more disco than the Killers usually go but they’ve got their same cool vocals and well done instrumentals. Gotta give them props for that.

3. “Keep You Close” -Knox Fortune.

This is the dude who worked a lot on Chance’s “Coloring Book” and appeared on “All Night” as well as produced it…and it was a banger. His debut album “Paradise” came out and it’s definitely a little weird but kinda in a good way. Super unique sound and I’m excited to see where he goes. This song has a cool beat that sounds almost like Grouplove. Definitely worth checking out I think this guys gonna have a big cult following.


2. “Corner Store” -Macklemore (feat. Dave B & Travis Thompson)

Macklemore is still an enigma to me. Those who know me know I was a huge supporter of his first album “The Heist”. I think it was a great blend of unique tracks, meshing fun and humor with serious issues like gay marriage and substance abuse that you don’t really see talked about in rap (well the substance abuse is sometimes bragged about #buttchuglean). His second album with Ryan Lewis didn’t do it for me though with the exception of Downtown (a ballad in my opinion, I really don’t care if people crap on it), and the song with Chance the Rapper that Chance basically steals from them. Now Mack is back with his first solo album “Gemini” and it’s…interesting. “Glorious” is catchy but corny, “Marmalade” is Macklemore just doing his best Lil Yachty impression and the lyrics suck, but the tracks that you know won’t see any radio time are actually kinda good. The one that stood out to me was “Cornerstore” which has production like an Amine track and the features hold their own despite me having no clue who they are. I think this album is definitely worth the listen and don’t judge it by the popular tracks.

1.”Liger” -Young Thug & Carnage.


If you don’t like Young Thug you’re just someone that I don’t want to hang out with. People are like “I can’t even understand what he’s saying” uhhhh yeah but that’s what makes it so fun? Part of the fun is trying to figure out what he’s saying. Just have a little fun and bump his stuff. The beats are fun, the lyrics are fun, and it’s great music to pop on and just not think about. This song is a classic thugger song and off a new EP with Carnage that is overall a solid joint. Definitely something to bump before your friday gets popping off.

Do Not Listen of the Week

“You Make It Feel Like Christmas” -Gwen Stefani (feat. Blake Shelton).

Gwen Stefani shooting the early shot for “hot new christmas song” and boy did she miss by a mile. Let’s just start this off by saying it’s a bad song in general. Not just christmas, but in general. Now let’s talk about her freaking boyfriend and co-host Blake Shelton being in this. First of all, no chemistry whatsoever between the two. It legitimately makes me believe that The Voice pays them both millions to date and boost their ratings because a couple is cute competition to watch. I’m worried for the dudes life now too cuz half of Miranda Lambert’s songs are about brutally murdering ex-boyfriend’s with a shot gun and now he’s making a song about family and love with his new ska-band girlfriend. No Doubt (pun intended) this song is gonna piss a lot of people off. Including me. For just being bad.

Music Video of the Week

Just watch this and be as astounded as me. This is a 20 year old guy bragging about how sick his fan base of 11 year old girls is. He is literally getting mobbed by them. They are worshipping him like a freaking God. Meanwhile, he’s dropping F bombs and really just talking about how cool he is? The only thing he really says that’s nice about his fan base is that “nobody can stop them”. He says it like a billion times and then thanks them for buying what he sells. That’s really it. I hate this guy and everything he stands for and videos like this only fuel my rage more and it should heat you up too. (Don’t) enjoy.



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