New Music I’ve Been Liking

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Here’s some music that’s come out recently that I like.

“What I Look Like” – Maxo Kream (feat. Freddie Gibbs)

I’ve had this on repeat since I first heard it a few days ago. This song particularly has a bouncy beat that Maxo flows over beautifully. For the same reason I loved his song “Meet Again”, this man just knows how to do a perfectly catchy rapping chorus that keeps you wanting more, and not to mention an awesome feature from Freddie Gibbs. The whole project is really good but this one has been in heavy rotation. Highly recommend to any rap fan.

Buzz Me In” – Remi Wolf

I’ve known about Remi solely from one of her earlier songs “Shawty”, but rediscovered her when I heard the banger “Photo ID” at the beginning of this year. Since then she’s been on my radar and released a number of HEATERS (“Grumpy Old Man”, “Liquor Store”) ahead of her debut album Juno that came out last week. She’s got a crazy unique sound that’s fun, catchy, and fully her own. I can totally see why someone wouldn’t like this, but if you go into this album just wanting to have a good time I think you’ll love it. This album is definitely gonna be in my top 10 for the year and “Buzz Me In” is my early favorite of the songs besides the singles.

Stupid/Asking” – Young Thug

I’m not the biggest Young Thug guy. I’m more of a “listen to Thug’s new 25 song album and pick the 2 bangers I really like to save to my library” kinda guy, and this song just happens to be that. While I didn’t dislike the rest of his new album, this is one that I found myself smiling at and humming the rest of the day.

“Can’t Stop The Stars” – Jungle

Whole album is fire but this song really got me. Beautiful striking disco. Really cohesive sound all the way through the album with awesome features sprinkled. Great for any future funk fans.

mind your business – Zack Fox

Zack Fox is the man. A hilarious stand-up comedian, internet presence, and rapper…but also a genuinely talented rapper! He’s got some bars on this! Definitely all infused with the regular goofiness and jokes you’d expect from Zack especially after “Jesus Is the One”, but this is a genuinely good rap project! He’s got some high quality beats from Kenny Beats and Alchemist and is really just flowing some fun and original lyrics over them. It’s a quick 9 tracks and well worth the time because he has truly developed his own style and sound. He said the album’s vibe was “fighting” and it’s prevalent… this stuff goes HARD. If you need to get hyped up, this is the one.

Crossfaded – Don Toliver

Similar to Young Thug, not the biggest Gunna guy just because it’s not my taste, but I respect people who like it for sure. This song off his new album I thought was just vibey as hell.

Free Kutter – Westside Gunn (feat. Jay Electronica)

I love Westside Gunn’s voice. I don’t think there’s tracks of his that I’m particularly like “this is insanely good” but if you played an album front to back of his I’d enjoy the whole thing. Super super hard jazzy old school instrumentals stripped to their core and then just gun-noise adlibs and HARD lyrics. Can’t get enough. This song’s beat and feature from another legend Jay Electronica made it easily one of my favorites out of like the 40 songs Gunn released in the past month lol.

Plates – Lala Lala (feat. Ben Gibbard)

I actually just found out about this band because a member of it was on a podcast I liked and was cool. Checked out this album and it’s really really cool. Their sound is kind of like Snail Mail meets Bon Iver? Like the vocals are raspier and distorted along with some interesting instrumentals (including the same exact horn sounds you heard in Bon Iver’s i,i). This song features the dude from Postal Service and Death Cab for Cutie and is a great showcase as to what you get with the rest of the album. Totally worth checking out if you’re looking for some cool new alternative stuff.

That’s it! Thanks for reading! Lemme know if you have thoughts!

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