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First of all, thank you for reading this post! I haven’t written for a while, but if you’re reading this chances are you’ve seen me promoting content that you consume with your ears, not your eyes, lately: Cutlet Radio. This radio show is something I’ve wanted to do ever since I first got on the airwaves in college at WDOM 91.3, where the name DJ Chicken Parm was conceived. I started at the beginning of this year breaking down my favorite music of 2021, and made a resolution to continue the show by doing at least 2 episodes a month. Today, we’ve put out a total of 14 episodes and it’s been even more fun than I’ve imagined.

All that being said, I would like to apologize to podcast listeners…it is with a heavy heart that I have to announce that Cutlet Radio…will continue FULL SPEED A-FREAKING HEAD BABY. So SAWWY podcast listeners, this absolute freight train of a RADIO SHOW is going to bring the golden age of Internet Radio to the station and send podcasts back to the stone age. 

What I respect about podcasts, and the reason why almost everybody knows someone who has one, is because if it WORKS, it’s sick. You can have success by just talking about stuff you find funny and interesting with your friends? THAT IS THE DREAM. So cornering the internet radio show market, getting to just talk about funny stuff AND play music I like? I could truly pioneer the space for the common man…and I plan to do so.

Do I think I’m going to make money off of the show? No. But do I love it and does it bring me joy knowing people listen to it and enjoy it? HELL YEAH. Seriously, I want to give a huge thanks to everyone who listens and has hit me up about it and of course a huge thank you to the amazing guests we’ve had on the show that have made it so much fun to make and listen to. It’s been a blast doing it and I do want to make it a bigger and better thing. That’s why I wanted to drop this quick memo both to say thanks to everyone who’s listened so far and give you guys a taste of what’s to come.

So far over 15 uploads (14 episodes, the Valentine’s Day Special was a two-parter), we’ve had over 640 PLAYS! That is unreal and much more than I expected we’d have after a few months of the show. As the show’s gone on I think I’ve been trying new things which has kept it interesting. We’ve talked about new music, made a promo video, listened to Hinge prompts, responded to hot takes from the audience, and last week did our first draft. People keep coming back to listen to new episodes and it’s awesome. I’d love to hear from you guys what you’d like to see next though. Although we can’t play music due to copyright, we could look into video uploads. I’d definitely like to get more audience participation, which could come from some sort of livestream or an audience “hotline”. I also want to find a more consistent way to discuss the new music or just music I’ve been liking, so maybe a newsletter or something to follow along with as well? There’s so much we can do, but I want to make sure I’m giving the fans what they want in order to keep it going and growing. As much as the show is just a fun project for me, it’d be even more fun to grow our audience of “Parmies” (I think that’s what we landed on although “The pARMY” is always still on the table). So let me know what you guys would like to see next!

Regardless of what we do next, just know more shows are coming. And if you missed out on the legendary first ever DJ Chicken Parm merch drop (the beloved white snapback).

Don’t worry, once we hit 1,000 listens of the show, round 2 will be dropping. Once again it will be solely for promotion, not profit. You’ll be paying for whatever it costs for them to be made and nothing more. And not to mention, it’ll be swaggy as hell. (Think white T shirts is easiest and could do Cutlet Radio logo or DJCP logo? LMK what you guys would like/wear most I want people to be rocking this on the daily).

I’ll leave you with that teaser! So if you want that swag, run up those streams! And thanks as always for reading and listening, really means a lot and I appreciate it. Thanks.

-DJ Chicken Parm

Stream Cutlet Radio Here!

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