Talkin’ Tunes 1/12/2018

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It’s almost time for me to go back to school. I have a wicked easy semester but it’s all starting to hit me that the past 3 years of my life having fun with great friends and not having to worry about what I’m going to actually do with my life is coming to an end. I’m getting anxiously sad about it just typing this so let’s drown out these emotions until at least May with some music! *turns up headphones loud as humanly possible*


5. “D.Y.T. (Do Your Thing)” -NVDES & REMMI

First of all, why abbreviate it to D.Y.T. if you’re just going to say what it means right next to it? Regardless, this song is fun. The fast paced bass with that weird little flute riff going in the background is sick. Get some goofy easy lyrics and you’ve got yourself a pretty good song. Not much to say about this one rather than it’s just a good time.

4. “Capital Letters” -Hailee Steinfeld & BloodPop

I’m pissed that this song was made for “Fifty Shades Freed”. These movies are just Lifetime movies with more sex. Enough 43 year-old women go to see it “as a joke” with their girlfriends though to justify making THREE of them. The only good thing that comes from these are the original songs. The first one gave us “Love Me Like You Do”, an unreal catchy radio jam, and “Earned It” to pile on top of The Weeknd’s kind of grossly sexy persona. Now we’ve got Hailee Steinfeld, a wicked talented rising young actress who, yes, happens to be very attractive and BloodPop the team who basically made Justin Bieber’s Purpose album as good as it could be. Great combo, cool original song, horrible movies.

3. “King’s Dead” -Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar, Future, & James Blake

This song is hard as hell. This is for a Marvel Superhero movie but it sounds like something off MAAD City. This is a PG-13 movie that’s going to be filled with the nerdiest of nerds and Kendrick Lamar just said the F word like 45 times in a track made for it. That’s awesome. This beat is super modern and has a yeezus-esque switch up towards the end. Jay Rock has a surprisingly sick verse, Kendrick is obviously great, and Future (despite doing some weird high pitch thing with his voice at the end of his verse) actually has a great verse too. Again, the Black Panther album is shaping up to be a genuinely great rap collection already.

2. “After the Storm” -Kali Uchis feat. Tyler, the Creator & Bootsy Collins

Like a lot of people I assume, I know of Kali mostly through Tyler’s work. She sang on DOPE Tyler songs like “See You Again” and “Perfect” but also had a duet with one of 2017’s best new artists Daniel Caesar on “Get You”. Now she releases this great single with help from Tyler in a song that sounds like it could’ve been a beat on Tyler’s last album. Super funky, great singing from Uchis and a great track for Tyler to spit on.

1. “Street Livin'” -The Black Eyed Peas.

WHAAAAAT? I had no idea BEP was coming back? This is one of my favorite groups of absolutely all time. They made some of the most relevant jams in the music industry for a decade straight and now they’re coming back with this socially conscious song that I am definitely feeling. Hearing all the members actually rap over a non-party beat is so interesting but you really see their talents for lyricism. The beat sounds like something off a Tribe Called Quest album and it matches the tone of the song perfectly. Really really cool song and so excited these guys are back and will hopefully be releasing more singles soon.

Bonus: The “Uhhh Couple Questions…” of the Week

So…Carrie Underwood and Ludacris came out with a song. Who…who asked for this? Look, I love Carrie. Beautifully talented woman and has a very unique musical style, not one I would necessarily say meshes well with Luda? Two artists who have both clearly peaked in polar opposite genres getting together to make a generic empowerment song that looks like it was made to be the theme song of Chicago P.D. or something.

Doesn’t El Baño mean…the bathroom? Watch this music video it’s crazy. The girl keeps drinking and broke the seal so she pees like 8 times. Enrique is inexplicably turned on by her having to go to the bathroom so much and eventually follows her. This is at a bar. It’s not a sexy shower/bathtub bathroom it should just be a toilet. Maybe if it was a fun song about hooking up in the bathroom or something it’d make sense but the song is so seriously sensual that it’s just gross. Also, I get it’s spanish but I know a huge part of his audience is Americans. We know El Baño means bathroom. Maybe that word sounds fancier in the actual spanish translation like “washroom” or “powder room” or something but to us were thinking of a toilet at a taco joint when you say that.

First of all I wanna say R.I.P. Lil Peep. He died of a fentanyl/Xanax overdose at a very young age and it’s awful. That being said, this song is going to blow up despite it being garbage. Marhsmello is the most overrated artist in music right now. I liked Silence just because of Khalid’s vocals the beat didn’t do it for me. Then we get this song, with such an average beat, and Lil Peep giving unbelievably generic vocals sounding like a Fall Out Boy cover band: trash. Marshmello’s got a huge stan following of like 16 year olds so this song will get popular but I just don’t like it.

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