Here Are Some Playlists You Won’t Find On Spotify

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I love making playlists. The reason I like making them is because I can create a collection of songs for a mood that only I understand. If I want to party, I can listen to the “It’s Lit” Playlist on Apple Music, and if I want to listen to 70’s rock, I can just hit the search bar and type in “70’s Rock”, but when you make your own playlists they have some hidden gems only you can truly appreciate, that’s why I wanted to share a few of my homemade playlists with you.

“DUUUUUUUDE” is for the boys. You wake up hungover on a Saturday morning and need some classic testosterone-boosting jams to get you going for the day drink? This is your move.

“I’m Sleep Doe” is a night-time mix of hip-hop, R&B, Jazz, and Rap songs that will make your eyelids heavy without having to listen to Mozart or some other boring white dude play violin.

“fueling the fire” is for when you are depressed and think “you know what would make me feel even worse? If I thought about every moment and person and mistake in my life that makes me emotional”

“Play Me I’m Irish” is mostly due to my Aunt’s St. Patrick’s Day Playlist, but I added a few of my favorites to tie it all together for some more of the mainstream Irish music listeners.

“Pleasantly Hungover” is for when you had a great night out with your friends and you wake up a little loopy the next morning and want to recap the night over Bacon Egg and Cheeses. Easy on the ears and won’t make you regret your drunken decisions from the night before.

“Pop This In Yo Car’s CD Player” is a hybrid between the DUUUUUUUDE Playlist and a Throwback Playlist. It contains songs you know all the word’s to that would be a great time to jam out to in the car.

“Premium Fuel” is probably the playlist I listen to most. It’s great for the mornings. It’s music that’s intended to be listened to in your car on a sunny day with the windows down and sunglasses on. It’s feel good music that you can listen to to start your day off right and make sure you keep that positive energy flowing throughout the day.

Lastly, “Slammin Summer Jammin” is a playlist I made during High School in my deep 90’s phase. It has a lot of great summer songs but most of them are from what I remember hearing on Cape Cod radio stations as a kid. This one never goes out of style.

Those are just a few of my many playlists I frequent. Let me know if I need to add any songs to any of these playlists and if you think you might toss one on soon.

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