Talkin Tunes RAPID FIRE FRIDAY (10/11)

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It’s been a little bit since the last edition of TT. I’ve been miserable writing these last few there’s just so many topics I want to talk about and truly not enough time for me to listen to, write about and comment on all of them in a post so I’m trying to figure out a new way to get the content out there that doesn’t leave me annoyed by the end of it.

HOWEVER, we were blessed with a ton of good music on this lovely Friday and I had to mention some of the gems that dropped. So without further ado, here are some of my favorites.

“Lights Up” -Harry Styles

The wait is over. Prolific musician, style icon, all around god Harry Styles has released the first single from his upcoming second album. If you weren’t on his first album GET ON IT NOW. This man is a damn rockstar. I know a lot of dudes are probably like “oh that one direction dude he’s prolly making soft music pandering to 13 year old girls” NO. HE IS MAKING LEGITIMATELY AMAZING MUSIC. I’m not saying this in a way to make chicks think I’m sensitive or in touch with my feminine side or anything this is not that THIS IS ME GENUINELY ENDORSING THIS MAN. Fellas need to get on this train right now cuz the Harry Express is about to leave the damn station and I’d hate to be waving at my dudes on the platform from the caboose. 

“Puppets (Succession Remix)” -Pusha T & Nicholas Britell

Just started watching Succession and it’s so dope. Highly recommend. The theme song was begging for drums to be added for a remix and no one fits the vibe better than Push. Big heat for fans of the show.

Keep Going -Mike Posner

As our king Mike Posner is on the final stretch of his Walk Across America that I’ve been covering for the past few months he drops his full mixtape named after the mantra of his journey “Keep Going”. It’s got all the singles he’s dropped on the walk plus a few bonus ones. Not to mention some cool voicemails from Steven Tyler, Diddy, Bun B, and E-40. Super cool, trippy, introspective mixtape. The production is awesome, he raps and sings better than ever and he’s got some awesome features. My favorite is probably this track “Legacy” featuring Talib Kweli. 

Head In The Clouds II -88Rising

Rich Brian, Joji, and many others music collective 88Rising is back for their second collab album and it’s pretty dope. Since all of the people on the label have gained some clout they’ve been able to get some really cool features, I think some better beats and producers, and they got more willing to take some creative risks on this album. I’ve only listened to the first half to be honest but it was really cool and interesting. This one in particular has Swae Lee and Major Lazer featured for a really cool funky dancehall-esque track that I could see blowing up.

“Twisted” -French Montana, Juicy J, Logic & A$AP Rocky.

This is one of those songs that the first time I heard I was like damn what was this trash. Then the second time I’m like oh hold up this is kinda fun. Then the 3rd one I’m like TURN THIS SH*T UP! Really fun song, catchy beat, some great artists, can’t hate on it.

Wow…That’s Crazy -Wale

Honestly I’ve been listening to this while writing this post so can’t say I’ve dove too deep into it but I’m really liking what I’m hearing! There’s a couple really good songs here and I think people forget that Wale has a great flow, some GREAT beat selection, and matches the right features on the right songs. I really like this one below but definitely recommend listening to the whole album.

Big Bootie Mix Vol. 16 -Two Friends

I mean, this is fire. What did you expect. They really never disappoint with these things. I listened to this at 11am whilst staring at Google Sheets and I wanted nothing more than to close up my laptop, buy a four loko, and butt chug that thing on a sweaty dance floor. Just an unreal time and a perfect blend of new beats, classic throwbacks and hilarious drops. Two Friends, you’ve done it again.

That’s it folks. If you are passed the aux cord this weekend hopefully this playlist can help you out. See ya soon.

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