I’m Cool With Everyone Making Fun of Logic, Except You Joe Budden, You Can Shut Up Man

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Are you someone who loves music? Do you feel like you keep up with new music trends and enjoy listening to projects from a wide variety of artists? Do you have even a lil crumbling of self-awareness? Well, if you answered yes to one or all of these questions, you probably either A) Don’t know who Joe Budden is or B) Don’t care about Joe Budden’s existence or opinions. And that’s great!

But because I like to have strong music opinions (just as Budden does) he’s always lurking in the background of my mind. Being annoying. Being a metaphorical Boomer of the rap game. Being an absolute clown. Now normally, he’s so irrelevant it doesn’t phase me. But he recently came out and said this about a rapper who it seems like everyone is clowning these days, Logic.

Joe is referencing Logic’s verse in the new French Montana track “Twisted” that I talked about in the latest Talkin’ Tunes, and I’ll give Joey a little wiggle room here, because the verse is pretty bad.

Screen Shot 2019-10-13 at 1.49.03 PM.png

I mean…this is some real “white 14 year olds rapping at the back of the bus” bars. It really doesn’t mean anything. He rhymed “woo” with “through”, we get it. We don’t need someone to show us the Car Fax, it’s bad. Big whoop. Logic’s had a million bad rhymes in just the past year. This post isn’t to pile on to the Logic hate that already exists, on the contrary, it’s to put some hate on the man who said that Logic is, and I quote, “One of the worst rappers to ever grace a microphone”….

I mean, Joe, it’s pretty undebatable that you are a worse rapper than Logic. That’s an absolute lock simply because Logic is on a song with French Montana, A$AP Rocky and Juicy J and you are talking about it on a podcast.

A PODCAST. You know who has Podcasts? Conan O’Brien, Dax Shepard, Angela from the Office and Dolly Parton. NOT THE CREAM OF THE CROP JOE! No one who’s succeeding in their career has a podcast. Ok? You think Dolly Parton wants to talk about what kinda pudding cups they had in her nursing home fridge this morning for millions of people? NOPE. But she’s gotta get her chins tucked next week and the residuals from “9 to 5” just aren’t cutting it!


And in a similar way, the only song anyone knows from Joe, “Pump It Up”, isn’t keeping the lights on in the 16 years following its release. Why isn’t it a classic? Maybe because the first few lines aren’t necessarily “timeless”.

Screen Shot 2019-10-13 at 2.08.42 PM.png

If you missed that, in the first verse of the of the song Joe rhymes “crunk” with “drunk” and then says welp! That’s enough brain power for today! Let’s rhyme “get it on” with “get it on” for the next 4 lines sound good?

So he’s not a great rapper. But he can be good at other things right? Like Logic for example. Sure, his rhymes haven’t been great as of late. BUT it’s pretty cool that he released his novel Supermarket that went on to become a best-seller. It’s pretty cool that his song “1-800-273-8255” was in partnership with the Suicide Hotline and increased calls to the hotline by 50% following the release. Pretty cool he’s set to star in an upcoming movie produced by J.J. Abrams. So what else is Joe good at? Well, certainly not “being a decent human being”!

Budden was accused, more than once, of domestic violence and allegedly caused his ex-girlfriend Esther Baxter to miscarry their child after a fight in 2011. via BET

Yup. Multiple allegations of domestic abuse spanning from the first child he had at 21 and most recently in 2014 by his then girlfriend. Noted, he wasn’t convicted of these charges, but did plead guilty to “disorderly conduct”. I don’t know what that is…but sounds sketchy. I’m not a journalist so I have no code of conduct to follow and I’m gonna say he did some bad stuff. That’s on the record.

On top of that, he is also known for being homophobic. When Lil Yachty revealed the album art of his album “Teenage Emotions”, Budden said the following:

[Budden] stated that Yachty looked “fruity,” and that Yachty is “ruining the culture.” Budden especially took issue with Yachty’s album cover, which features a number of colorfully attired young people, many of whom do not look stereotypically “hip-hop,” especially a pair of young men in the upper left corner kissing. His reasoning for the prominence of the gay couple on the cover is that it’s a publicity stunt, just “shock value,” to gain the support of “the gay community,” ending his tirade with the declaration, “I want to come out the closet, so I can be embraced (too).”

Screen Shot 2019-10-13 at 2.37.31 PM.png

So he calls this fruity and continues on to say he’s ruining the culture. WHAT CULTURE? THE ONE WHERE DOMESTIC ABUSE AND HOMOPHOBIA ARE COOL? You’re an almost 40 year old man who’s hating on a popular young rapper more than a decade younger than you because he was trying to promote acceptance of gay people in a culture that historically was un-approving of it? Shut up dude. You want to talk about “fruity”? You want to speak on what makes a good relationship? Bro, you proposed to your wife ON YOUR PODCAST.

I mean. This guy is like an even more irrelevant version of Jake Paul. Dude straight up asked a woman to spend the rest of her life with him on a podcast? The only explanation is that he knew she’d say no if it wasn’t live in front of an audience AND she only said yes because she was probably terrified of what this creep would do if he said no. Which is probably why SPOILER ALERT this wedding never came to fruition! Who woulda thought! A Podcast Proposal didn’t really mean anything? Crazy!

This is worse than having someone propose to you during a football game. Honestly, it’s even worse than having someone propose to you in the parking lot before the game. I’d rather get down on one knee, smothering a lit cigarette in the process, on some cracked concrete rather than propose on a podcast. Having your boyfriend propose to you on the same platform he uses to critique teenage rappers has got to be the most embarrassing thing of all time. What a clown.

Never thought I’d be going to war for Logic in 2019 after his last few albums but here we are. All I’m saying is, Logic hasn’t been great recently, but every song on his first two albums is better than anything Joe Budden has ever done and my guy has to start acting like it. That’s all.

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