Spicy Cuts – Volume 3

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It’s been a little while, but we got some heaters the past few weeks. To make sure you didn’t miss out on any good tracks and to gear you up for weekend listening, here’s some more Spicy Cuts.

THE SCOTTS -THE SCOTTS (Travis Scott & Kid Cudi)

Apparently Travis dropped this during his In-Game Fornite Concert. Which looked absolutely wild.

Between this and the 100 Gecs Minecraft concert, video game music festivals may soon be a real thing. I’m not mad about it either! Watching Kanye perform at the Elite Four in Pokemon sounds like a dream come true if anything.

Oh What A World 2.0 -Kacey Musgraves

I mean this song was beautiful already but Kacey released a new version with some updated Eco-Friendly lyrics and a slightly more poppy sound. I’m all here for it. Not to mention, all proceeds from the song go to the World Wildlife Fund.

If You’re Too Shy (Let Me Know) -The 1975

I can not stop listening to this song. The 1975 has crazy range in their sound. Normally I’d be like “they’re all over the place! Find a unique sound and stick to it!” but these guys do sad songs, pop bangers, and borderline screamo so well that I can’t do anything but praise them. This song is like the outro to an iconic 80’s movie. I love it. Their album coming out in May is going to be absolute flames.

Last 100 -Tom Misch & Yussef Days

I’m a big fan of Tom Misch’s sound. In his new album with Yussef Days he switches up the sound a bit, but you can still just see how crazy talented of a musician he is. It’s a super vibey sound that I think you’d like if you enjoyed the recent Thundercat album.

Dangerookinpawaa Freestyle -Ab-Soul

Ab-Soul dropped this song a few days ago out of no where. Shortly after another TDE signee Isaiah Rashad dropped his first solo song in years. Both of the single art follows the same format…are we about to get a TDE collab album??? If they could really follow up the Dreamville collab from last year it’d be incredible. Schoolboy Q, Jay Rock, SZA, KENDRICK and the supporting cast for a 20 track project would be incredible. Here’s to hoping.

Kyoto -Phoebe Bridgers

A friend of mine recommended Phoebe Bridgers to me this week and I am officially ALL IN. This song particularly I’ve had on repeat the past few days. Has that cool indie rock sound that I love PLUS some sweet horns on this thing? She has a new album out in June that this is a single off of and I’ve got high expectations.

ALSO, let this be a reminder, if you have recommendations for an artist you think I’d like, LET ME KNOW! Especially in quarantine I feel like I’ve listened to so much of the same always lookin for someone new to obsess with.

Automatic Driver (Tyler, The Creator Remix) -La Roux

I have no idea what the original of this song sounds like but I am a huge fan of Tyler and his production skills and it looks like he flipped this one in a very cool way. Turning up your headphones loud and walking around your house with this in the background is a great time, very cool.

French Toast -Westside Gunn feat. Wale & Joyce Wrice)

If you’re looking for some new rap, I highly recommend Westside Gunn’s new album Pray For Paris. I honestly hadn’t heard of this guy till last week but his new album is flames. Very cool production, some awesome features, and he’s got a unique fresh flow. If you want something outside of the trap world (my personal preference) this is a must-listen.

Brother -The Aubreys

This is gonna sound super weird because he’s like a 17 year old kid, but I think Finn Wolfhard is wicked cool lol. He’s cool with some people who were wicked funny on Vine back in the day, he’s in a wicked popular show, the God Bill Hader played the old version of him in a movie, and on top of that he makes some cool music! I liked this song feel like it’s very in touch with this new rock sound that’s getting popular.

There ya have it folks. Anything I missed? Anything you’ve been feeling the past few weeks that you think I’d like? Let me know!

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