VOTE: What Was the Song of the Summer in 2020?

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It’s that time of year. Labor Day has come and passed, Pumpkin Spice has been sprinkled upon every beer, donut, and coffee you can imagine, and the term “spooky season” is going to nestle it’s way into every Instagram post for the next 2 months….and I for one am PISSED.

After months of quarantine, Summer provided us with outdoor dining, trips to the beach, getting Vitamin C…it was a blessing. Now Fall thinks it can make us forget how much superior Summer is by doing what? Giving us Apple Picking??? If you think I’m gonna go to a farm and touch a bunch of produce that little coronasymptomatic kids have been huffing and puffing on this year you’re out of your mind.

Is the sun is still shining? Can I still wear shorts and a t-shirt comfortably? Do my little piggies get cold when I’m wearing my Tevas around town? NO. They do not. Those bad boys stay lukewarm and occasionally, sweaty. So in my book, we’ve still got a few weeks left. And that means, we need to collectively decide what the song of the summer is. This needs to get locked down ASAP so we can all listen in unison as a protest to the tides of Fall. If we’re all listening to the Song of the Summer at the same time, legally, it will still be Summer. So let’s get down to business.

I had some BOLD predictions for the Song of the Summer a few months back, and like most things in 2020, what I thought was going to happen…did not. I was naive enough to think either Kendrick, Rihanna, or Frank Ocean would give us even a crumbling of new music. Of course, that was back in May, when I still had hope for the world.

However, a few predictions I had I think did play a part still. Tik Tok influenced most of the hit songs this summer, Drake released his best song since “Nice For What”, and Dua Lipa was a staple on my summer playlists. But, that’s just me. We’ve all been disconnected. Normally I can look around the bar or pregame and see what songs people are vibing to and figure out which songs are really pleasing the crowd, but not this summer! Seeing my mom tap her toe to some Dua while we’re playing cards doesn’t really put my finger on the pulse of the nation. So I need your help.

There is a form at the end of this post to cast your vote for Song of the Summer. Please, take your time and really consider your nomination before entering your answer. Reminder, there are 3 criteria for SOTS.

  1. POPULARITY – The SOTS needs to be universally known and enjoyed. As good as your indie-alternative-cottagecore folk band’s song is, if I don’t know it, it can’t be SOTS.
  2. Fun – A song could be the biggest “hit” of the summer, but if the title’s like “Sadness Leaking From A Broken Soul” or something…DISQUALIFIED. (Looking at you, anyone eager to type in a song from Folklore).
  3. Peaked In Summer – The song could be popular and fun, but if it peaked in April…that’s the Song of the Spring fam. Needs to have peaked between June-August. Pretty self-explanatory why.

And there you have it. Ball is in your court America.


Your voice matters, make it heard. Let’s keep summer alive just a little bit longer. I’ll update this post with some results once we reach a consensus so be sure to check back soon.

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