Sorry Haters, North West Actually DID Do that Painting

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Wow. The internet never ceases to disappoint me.

2021 has already proved that the internet will only be used for evil purposes. First, the Silicon Valley Lizard-People-In-Disguise ban the funniest user from all of their platforms for starting a lil’ riot that only led to a few deaths.

Then a bunch of amateur investors got me all excited about “destroying Wall Street while making tons of money” when a week later it seems like every stock broker is fine yet I’m down hundreds of dollars because I invested a quarter of my paycheck in Nokia.

And now, in the 2nd month of the year, we’ve got people cyberbullying a 7 year-old…who is a part of one of the most wealthy and powerful families in the entire world.

It all started when Kim posted this picture painted by North (her and Kanye’s daughter) to her Instagram story.

And people immediately assumed that North could not have painted such a gorgeous landscape. Which Kim had to call out on her story.

Can you believe this? I can not believe that tabloids, who usually only cover “Which 17 year-old child actor has Chlamydia” and “The 12 Best Places to Get a Nose-Job based on Our Favorite Tik Tok Stars” would stoop this low to question the art of a Kardashian, a family who has made their entire fortune and careers by lying to people about their lifestyles on the internet. I am disgusted.

Thank god, Kim came to North’s defense. (I assume North’s iPad time was up for the night, otherwise she would have clapped back at the haters herself).

That’s right! Yas Queen! You do NOT play with Kim when it comes to her kids! Even KIM doesn’t play with her kids! That’s her nannies job!

Kim really set the record straight here. She wasn’t able to paint this because of her talent, it’s because SHE’S RICH. Capiche!?!

You dumb ass seven year olds are wasting your time playing soccer at the local rec center while North is taking 3 hour 1-on-1 classes with Japanese Contemporary Artist, Takashi Murakami. So SUCK IT.

People really underestimate the power of the Kardashians. The minute I saw that painting I was like “yeah sure”. They have enough money to defy nature. I mean they turned this,


So why wouldn’t they be able to turn a 7 year-old into Pablo Picasso? At least that doesn’t require North to change races and undergo multiple surgeries.

I think you’re also forgetting that Kanye West is this girls dad. If he can the greatest album of all time at age 32 I bet his daughter can do a damn Bob Ross painting at age 7.

I just wish we could all get along. You clowns really don’t have anything better to do than make jokes about a 7 Year Old?

What’s that? There’s a pandemic? There really IS nothing better to do than shit on celebrities on the internet? Hmm. Well. I’ve been in Bali with my homegirl Kim and only our 30 closest friends the past few months so must’ve missed it.

Regardless, I really just want to emphasize how important it is to be empathetic and loving to anyone and everyone you meet. And that’s why, I’d like to end this post with a quote from one of my favorite celebrities who can absolutely do no wrong and is a role-model and beacon of hope for all of us, Ellen Degeneres.

Be Kind to One Another

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