I Designed 8 T-Shirts In Less Than A Hour, And They’re All Way Cooler Than Any Shirt You Own

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This week it was both of my roommates birthdays. They aren’t related, I live with both of them, and they share the same exact birthday. Now of course, this means I could do something really thoughtful for both of them on their one big special day.

Maybe I could offer to make them a beautiful dinner! Maybe I could decorate the apartment with banners and signs! Maybe I could organize a big drive-by birthday celebration!

Or maybe I could do a bit that makes me laugh uncontrollably, is impractical, and embarrasses them.

I mean, the latter sounds more fun to me!

So I logged on to Custom Ink and created the most obnoxiously goofy shirt I could possibly think of.

And of course, one for myself.

And the challenge of the back: how many fonts can I fit on one side of a t-shirt?

And as expected, they absolutely loved it! I mean, look at those faces!

And after giving them their birthday shoutout on the gram and showing off these shirts, I got a ton of great feedback. People were really encouraging of my graphic design skills and it made me think, maybe I have a natural talent for this? Maybe I’m the North West of T-Shirt Design?

So today, I sat down at my computer and decided to channel picasso’s little piggies by typing in customink.com and began to dip into my digital palette. And the results, well, they speak for themselves. Here’s a few of my favorites that I created in just under an hour (if you can believe it).


I’ve been crushing Wandavision but it seems like it’s really splitting the crowd. Some people are all in on the Superhero trend and others are sick of it. Although I’m loving it, I thought I could maybe scam some of the haters out of a few bucks with this parody t-shirt.

See what I did? Instead of universe it says POOniverse. I’m not exactly sure what the cat wearing an elf’s hat has to do with it but I think it could be poking fun at how weird some of the Marvel characters are. And if that’s not enough, there’s a HILARIOUS quote on the back mocking Captain America’s famous line “Avengers Assemble”. Now it says “POOsemble” instead. Get wrecked! If you’re not a superhero movie person, this is gonna be a must-have in your wardrobe to own all the nerds.


This one is great because it captures Tax Season and Spooky Season, which, if you’re like me, both happen in October because you put off filing your taxes for 6 months.


So for this one I started off with the Tie Dye and wanted some real trippy vibes to go along with it. And what would be more trippy than Bruno Mars’ Ancestry.com results! I mean that guys just a mixing pot of culture! According to his wikipedia, he’s Filipino, Puerto Rican, and Jewish! Talk about a triple threat!

And I thought the mythical creature “the Gryffin” would be a great piece of art to tie it all together. The mixture of 3 different beings combining to form one power-house.


So this one is for people who saw the Bruno Mars tee and wanted to get even trippier. Where are my weed guys at?!?! This one will be perfect with anyone who’s been blazing hardcore this quarantine, and it would be so epic to wear on 4/20 this year. That’s not all either, the back is the cherry on top!

See it both promotes wearing a mask per CDC guidelines, but also, it’s a gas mask that’s blowing out a huge cloud of weed smoke! I was nervous people wouldn’t get that it’s weed smoke, so I put the leaves on the side of the mask. Really hammering home that whoever wears this shirt likes to take monster gas-mask bong ripperinos.


This one’s for all my concert-going females who love to rave and are very sad about Daft Punk’s recent divorce. This is a question I think we’ve all asked at one point or another, and especially now: DID Daft Punk take off their helmets to kiss at their wedding?

Even though their holy matrimony has ended though, the back of the shirt leaves on a positive note. Whoever owns this shirt chooses to believe that Mr. and Mr. Punk smooched on their big day, helmets off. That’s the kind of world I wanna live in.


This one is honestly to raise awareness for my Italian brothers and sisters out there who have been Rachel Dolezal’d by Billy Joel for the past 40 years. Dude isn’t even Italian! And what better way to cope with this news than a humorous pun. “That’s a piaNO from me Man!” uses that monsters own lyrics against him in a deliciously ironic way. But not as delicious as ya mutha’s gabbagool! Oh!


This is a great one for all my Elon-stans out there. Imagine if he started an epic college where you could major in Astrophysics… as well as MEMEs? Uhhh, yes bruh! Be the coolest kid in 7th grade and wear this shirt proudly while you sit in detention for explaining a joke from Rick and Morty to your friends at lunch!


Lastly, I wanted to finish off with a shirt for all my hunters out there. This is America, if I wanna own an AK-47 and shoot em at any mammal that crosses my path (even if that mammals a dolphin) I’m gonna mow it down, bring it home, marinate that meat, and grill it in the backyard for Sunday Supper. Sorry!

Well, there you have it folks. The beginning of my fruitful and prosperous graphic design career. Let me know which one your favorite is and hell, maybe I’ll cook up a few (just like I’d love to shoot a Porpoise, put him in between 2 pieces of french bread, melt some parmesan over it, and make a delicious porpoise-nini out of him).

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