I am Going to Post Every Day This Month, Let’s Get This Bread #NoDaysOffNovember

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About 4 years ago an 18 year old djchickenparm created a wordpress account and wrote his first blog. Back then he went by ryguymcs and made the header of his site a Spongebob quote. Thank god now he has matured into the djchickenparm brand, with the sophisticated slogan of “venmo me like 5 bucks”, that’s called character development folks.

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But in all honesty that first post kickstarted a hobby that I’ve fallen in love with. I’ve always considered myself a creative person. I loved drawing cartoons when I was younger, I used to make videos with my siblings and neighbors just for us to watch and laugh at, and then I got on social media and found the weirdest excuse for a creative outlet known to man. I can tweet about butt-chugging lean or wanting to murder the Trivago guy or how sad I am that my wife Susan was kidnapped by Yankee Candle salespeople, or peeing my pants at the Grammy’s, and people like it. That’s what inspired me to do long-form posts about stuff I’m interested in.

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I wrote more than 50 “episodes” of my flagship series “Talkin’ Tunes” on that site and it let me talk about my excitement and love for music with my friends, relatives, and anyone else dumb enough to follow me on social media. I wasn’t getting thousands of retweets or favorites on the posts, but every once in a while an old friend would text me and say “thanks for putting me on that song” or I’d get get a reply to the tweet giving me a suggestion to listen to. I’d spend an hour or two a week making these posts for my own enjoyment and that’s why I’m still doing it today as a 22 year old man with a full time job. I just love writing.Screen Shot 2018-10-13 at 12.18.56 PM.png

In an ideal world I’d be able to write a post every day but it’s simply impossible. Despite living at home, I still need a source of income. I got car insurance this year, going out with friends to actual bars and not drinking natty lights in a basement is expensive, and my wife just had our 11th child. Little Timmy’s not gonna be able to eat if daddy’s blogging about Netflix romantic comedies all day.

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That being said, for the past few months I’ve been posting a lot more than usual. If I can think of something that’s semi-interesting and worth more than a 240 character tweet, I give it a blog. Especially now being an adult in the real world, it’s awesome to have this kind of creative outlet and I’ve never been so energized to write before. That’s why I wanted to do this. A month where I post (at least) once a day. I call it #NoDaysOffNovember

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It’s the Blog Ultimatum. My mind will be stretched and exercised in ways I couldn’t imagine. It’s not going to be easy. I’ll be hammering away at my typewriter sweating balls in the middle of the night. I’ll turn to drugs in order to spark that dark creative flame that lives deep in my liver. By the end of this month if I’m not in the hospital due to a sleep deprived psychosis, it’ll be a freaking miracle.

If you couldn’t tell, I’m taking this very seriously. The past 4 years of blogging have all led up to this very moment. I even bought the premium wordpress package and it’s $4.99 a month but they make you pay for the year in advance so I spent like $60 just to get rid of the “wordpress” in between djchickenparm and dot com. Remember, I’ve got mouths to feed. That’s gonna cost Jimmy a couple of meals but he knew what he signed up for when he decided to be the offspring of a mediocre-at-best internet writer with less than 1000 followers on twitter.

The only thing that may get me through this daunting task are the people that have read literally any of my stuff over the years. Big shouts out to the long-time fans (all 3 of you) and to my cousin Matt who inspired me to start a blog all those years ago. Hopefully this bombardment of posts will satisfy the current followers and generate some new ones. I’ve got some posts ready to go in my drafts that y’all are gonna eat up. We’re gonna be pitching some movie ideas, we’re gonna be talking about how much swag homeless people have, we’re gonna have our first inductee to the Hall of Parm, we’re gonna mix in some video content, and of course, we’re gonna mix in a whole lot of the stupid blogs you’ve come to know and…get weirded out by. That being said, if you like something you read this month, reply to the post on twitter, toss it a retweet, tell your friends about it…basically if you do anything to make me not feel like I’m screaming nonsense into oblivion, I’ll appreciate it.

There you have it folks. The first blog of many to come in #NoDaysOffNovember. Let’s get this bread.

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And here’s the original blog for you to browse as you please https://ryguymcs.wordpress.com/


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