Is The World Series Trophy Made of Popsicle Sticks Spray Painted Gold?

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“The World Series trophy took a direct hit,” said WCVB anchor Anthony Everett, who was in the area reporting on the parade.

“It got bent out of shape,” Everett said. “They brought it back down into the truck and it looked like they fixed it pretty well, but there’s going to be some repairs involved with at least one of the World Series trophies.” via WMUR

Ok look, when I read that the World Series Trophy took damage during the parade, I wasn’t surprised. You gave a bunch of Boston sports fans an excuse to skip work, day drink, and go to a parade…I’m surprised the Trophy was even still in the possession of the team. If I read “Northeastern Student Grabbed Trophy from Alex Cora and Has Been Hiding It In His Dorm Room”, I wouldn’t blink an eye. BUT, a beer can denting the trophy?

How is one 12 oz. can of liquid going to damage the most important trophy in baseball? I get throwing beers up to the players, that’s cool. Championship parades are one of the few chances you get to “buy” one of your hometown athletes a beer. You could be 50 yards out but if Mookie Betts is gonna catch that brew and drink it you’re gonna huck that thing no matter what. So I see why that thing came at the trophy like a bat out of hell. This isn’t on the fan who threw the beer, it’s on whoever glued together this tin-foil trophy.

That thing should be made out of solid gold. Or at least like bronze. Or at least something that can’t be altered by something college kids can drink in 4 seconds. The average MLB team is worth 1.54 BILLION dollars and we can’t afford a trophy more durable than a U11 Soccer Participation Award?

I will say though, I loved this story. Mostly because other people thought it made us look bad.

Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 10.06.23 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 10.06.48 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-11-01 at 10.07.39 AM.png

Gaming Corner coming in with the hot takes!

I just think it’s funny how everyone’s like “wow, you win the championship and then dent the trophy? You guys are all trash”…no…we’re champions. We’ve had ELEVEN parades since 2001. ELEVEN. You think we care that much about one piece of metal? We’ve got banners. We’ve got rings. And best of all, we’ve got bragging rights.

“This is why you can’t have nice things Boston”, ya sure? Because we have nice things already. This is the eleventh time a prestigious trophy has been flaunted down the streets of our city. This is just another notch on our belt.

It’s like when your kid has it’s first birthday. The whole family comes by, there are presents galore, everyone’s taking pictures, you make a whole big deal about it. But what do you do on your kids eleventh birthday? You take him and his 5 friends to laser tag, he gets a call from Grandma and Grandpa, you buy him a video game, and call it a day. It’s not as big of a deal.

So if you want to hate on the Sox denting the trophy I’ll just say this: we don’t need to change the way we act because we’re doing something right. Our slogan leading up the World Series win was literally “Do Damage”. The MLB (and all other sports organizations for that matter) need to change the trophies so they can handle the way Boston fans act, because they’ll be getting their hands on another one soon.

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