All the Tools to Become a Star: An Introduction to Jaye Hammer

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Do you like partying? What about soulful R&B vocals? How about big beautiful juicy dumpers? Well, if you answered yes to any of these questions, have I got the music recommendation for you.

Let me introduce you to Mississippi’s Most Magnificent Music-Maker, Jaye Hammer.

First of all, before we even get to the music, just look at that photo of the man. He is objectively adorable. I already can tell he’s got pipes from this pic and also that I would love to have a couple of cocktails with him while listening to some Luther Vandross at the tail-end of a wedding on the dance floor.

There is too much to love about this guy. I think chief among them are what he names his songs and subsequently what those songs are about. Let’s take a look at some of my favorites.

“I’m Gonna Hit That Thang” off of his album Jaye Hammer’s Still Got It! really captures a lot of the things I love about Jaye. First and foremost, that this man is maybe the horniest man on planet earth. The chorus is literally him saying “I’m Gonna Hit That Thang baby every chance I get”. The man is too damn horny to talk in metaphors or innuendos, he just says exactly what he wants to do, which is refreshing. He gets to the point. He’s also a very generous lover and very sex positive, which is why he says “there’s nothing too freaky girl I ain’t willing to do.” Which I think is demonstrated perfectly in this next song of his.

Another heater off of Jaye Hammer’s Still Got It! proving that the album title is true. In “I’ll Drink Your Bathwater, Baby”, he says he’ll do to this to “prove his love to you”. But something tells me he would do it without you even asking? Or even knowing about it? He even says he bets it taste’s like “sweet lemonade”.

What I like about this song is that Jaye Hammer isn’t afraid to be called a simp. He’s practically begging this woman to get a taste of her sweaty luke-warm body broth and he’s doing it for the entire world to hear. Mad respect. And although it’s respect he’s due, he isn’t always given it. As proven in this next song where a woman breaks into his house and starts eating his girlfriend’s booty.

This song is another example of Jaye really just showing all of his cards and wearing his heart on his sleeve. This song is too specific to not be real. There is a woman named Judy, that is eating his girl’s booty. I mean just listen to these lyrics and tell me this isn’t what his lady said to him verbatim.

I broke down and cried. All the love we had I knew it all had died.

I asked my woman, baby please tell me why?

She turned and looked at me, here’s what she replied.

All the nights I was lonely, I was feeling blue.

Judy did something that you wouldn’t do.

I’m gonna pack my clothes, before I get out the way.

Judy’s waiting for me, I don’t wanna be late.

I mean, that really sounds like his woman was being emotionally neglected and she found love where she could get it. I also believe that this incident, in which he wouldn’t eat his girls butt, began Jaye’s obsession with booties. He wanted to redeem himself. Because, if his song titles are any indication, right now he would jump at the bits to eat booty with a damn fork and knife, leaving his girl satisfied and Jody hungry for booty with no where to go.

I mean, just look at all these songs about booty.

I mean, it doesn’t get more clear that that title folks.

I will say, I think Jaye is screwing himself a little bit here by alienating the “boobs guy” market, but I also appreciate how these booty songs come from a passionate butt guy supporter who is singing his truth. Can’t knock him for that.

Although he ignored his girl’s booty, leading it to be eaten by Judy, it seems as if he was getting some side action of his own. Although, I think he’s grown and learned from his adulterous mistakes. As shown in his song “I’m Not Gonna Cheat on My Wife Anymore”.

When I heard this song for the first time I was SOBBING laughing by myself. I just imagine Jaye’s wife catching him sending sexts to a girl on his phone and being like “GET OUT WERE DONE” and he just comes back in like 4 hours with a keyboard and starts singing this in his living room, fully winning her back. Go ahead and listen to this song and picture that. It will make your day.

And I think that’s what I love most about Jaye, his music is so damn fun and entertaining it’s guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. His biggest song is “Party Mood” which genuinely capture the southern soul charm that I love in some of those sexy old school songs from legends like Luther Vandross, Barry White, Marvin Gaye, etc.

Beyond just the instrumentals being great, he has a great voice! He goes on some crazy runs, sings with his whole heart, and his charisma drips through the whole track. You throw this guy on a wedding and people will EAT IT UP. Which is why we need to make him a star.

I think he deserves this. He’s bringing that old school sound back, he’s got the talent, he only brings good vibes and he’s put in the work. He’s been in the music industry for 25 yers now grinding away to give the South the soul they know and love and I’d love to see it spread nation-wide, and eventually, worldwide (watch out Pitbull).

If you’re reading this, please stream his music and blow him up. And if you’re not convinced yet, here’s a few words from my friends (and avid Hammer-heads) Mia and Tara, who introduced me to the man himself.

How did you find out about Jaye Hammer?

Tara: My older sister Kayla – huge shoutout. It was about hour 2 of our 4 hour road trip when Kayla queued up Big Booty Women. I don’t remember the rest of the car ride…

Mia: I was in the car on my way to dinner when my saint of a friend Tara (above) played the song that she had just heard herself called “big booty women”.

What drew you into Jaye’s music?

Tara: I really resonated with the first song I heard – Big Booty Women. I felt as though he was singing directly to and about me. The chorus is unbelievably catchy. Big Booty Women is a song of simple yet dynamic lyrics that can be sung by the listener upon the very first listen. I also think it’s very special how almost all of Jaye Hammer’s music sound the same and have the same subject (butts). That consistency is hard to find nowadays. Jaye Hammer makes me and my ASSets feel appreciated and special.

Mia: I immediately reacted to the soulful beat in so many of his songs. How many times have I said I wanted a mix between Sam Cooke, Mary J bilge and The Bee Gees? Any song where after one listen I can sing along to the words I love. A true anthem. I experienced this euphoria with Making that Booty Roll for example The icing on the cake that really locked me in…was his look. I have never been more intrigued by a Spotify cover photo in my life. Unique yet simple that proved Jaye Hammer doesn’t need at the bells and whistles to prove he is one of the best.

If you could describe Jaye Hammer’s music in one word, what would it be?

Tara: Arousing

Mia: Sensual

Hit the nail on the head (Hammer pun intended).

On a scale of 1-10, how hot do you think Jaye is?

Numbers don’t lie folks.

What song is your favorite of Jaye’s, and why?

Tara: Big Booty Women will always have a special place in my heart since it was the first song of Jaye’s I heard. A close second is It’s Yours When You Want. When Jaye says “You make love to my body, and my mind…” he reminds me of the type of man I deserve. I also really love the ambiguity of I’m Gonna Hit That Thang – is this a song about sexual/physical abuse or making love? A true artist is a vulnerable artist. Jaye can fix just about anything with a song, as he did with I’m Not Gonna Cheat on My Wife Anymore.

Mia: Big Booty Women. When you have an idol, you remember the first song of theirs that you heard. It got me hooked and I have been body rolling to it ever since.

We’ve got a fan favorite in Big Booty Women it seems. A true personality track for the boy.

What kind of person do you think Jaye makes music for?

Tara: The sexually active.

Mia: You would think upon first listen he is making music for a curvier female clientele. But that is not the case, he is making music for ALL as he is spreading body positivity, sexual progressiveness and acceptance in each of his songs. From listening the Jaye, young men are learning how to properly love all women while women are learning how to love themselves.

2 very different answers but neither are incorrect.

Where do you see Jaye’s career being in the next 5 years?

Tara: The world is Jaye’s oyster. I’m not sure what he will accomplish in the next 5 years – but in the next 5 days I hope to have a remix of Big Booty Women that will complete everybody’s pregame playlists.

Mia: After performing at my wedding I see Jaye going out on a world tour once his songs are recognized for ending racism and easing Israeli Palestinian tension.

You might be thinking to yourself “that’s a little ridiculous, isn’t it?”, well it’s called ‘manifesting’ idiots. Look it up. He’s gonna make it happen.

(Also legit conversations about the remix have been had…more to come soon hopefully)

Any final words on Jaye Hammer?

Tara: This is Jaye Hammer’s world – we’re just living in it.

Mia: Jaye hammer for president 202-ASAP

He’s got my vote for President, King of the World, Supreme Ruler of the Galaxy, and beyond. So do yourself a favor and bring your booty to the nearest boom box and start hearing some Hammer.

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